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YogaNZ Events

Hauora Yoga Conference

What is Hauora?

The Hauora Yoga Conference is an educational event where the professional Yoga community in Aotearoa, New Zealand gather, connect, discuss, learn, innovate, and practice together. We gather together once a year to educate and empower our Yoga teachers, inspire our Yoga students, and develop our national Yoga community. We uphold Yoga principles and values, with reverence for the many aspects and expressions of Yoga within our unique cultural landscape.

Hauora 2019 Highlights


Hauora Virtual Yoga Conference 2020   

  This year’s conference will be an online educational event, unable to be derailed by COVID-19 outbreaks or Alert level changes. Delivered via the ‘Heysummit’ platform the conference will run multiple streams concurrently throughout the day, all of which will be recorded and access available for 14 days after the live event, effectively giving you 3 days of content that you can watch at your leisure. Having the event delivered virtually allows you to attend from your own town or city. Click the link below to see all the sessions and world-class presenters we have lined up!

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2020 Yoga New Zealand Forum

The Annual YogaNZ Forum is an opportunity to connect, engage and learn as we work towards building a support system for teaching yoga that is unique to New Zealand, and one that we can all be proud to be a part of. The 2020 Forum (which you can click here to read more about) was held on August 8th and featured Guest Presenter Donna Farfi (Level 4 Registered YogaNZ Member) as well as a panel chat with the current YogaNZ Council.