Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development

CPD information for YNZ members and training providers 

Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD)Also known as Continuing Education Credits (CECs)


CPD allocation for YNZ members

Each year (from 1 October to 30 September), a registered member is required to gain 10 CPD points (16 hours of training) from relevant ongoing education and/or research. Evidence is to be provided at membership renewal.

Members may choose to take CPD training/education from providers listed on the YNZ website where CPD points are already allocated or to take training/education of their own choice following the CPD points allocation guidelines – see below. 

The REPs website lists CPD from a range of providers, some of which may be appropriate to YogaNZ registered members.


CPD allocation is based on 5 CPD Points per 8 hours training.  

  1. CPD points are allocated to online and face to face (F2F) training/education events such as attending workshops/conferences/conventions/training programmes; on the following basis:
  • Fully assessed (i.e. have a Test/exam and/or practical assessment at the end of the training that enables a pass or fail result) receive double CPD points allocation (10 CPD points for 8 hours of training) for those that pass the course/event. Those that fail receive 5 CPD points for 8 hours training.
  • Less than one day’s duration is awarded CPD points proportional to the above calculation e.g. a 4-hour course that is assessed is worth 5 CPD points.  
  • Realtime F2F practical yoga topics delivered as master classes or conference workshops (e.g. four 45-minute workshops in one morning): with presentation and practice / demonstration, are awarded CPD points allocation equivalent to a non-assessed course. 
  • A course/event may be awarded a maximum of 20 CPD points, the minimum CPD points is 1. CPD points in excess of 10 from one event, may be held over to the next annual registration year (only).


2. YogaNZ members Levels 3 and 4 may gain CPD points for substantial, new and original research projects, conference presentations, course and published writing about yoga. These CPDs are awarded where the material being researched/written/ presented is advanced, and there is a high degree of author/presenter expertise.

Substantial, new and original research projects, conference presentations and course and published writing about yoga may equal up to a maximum of 10 CPD points per project based on presentation times and/or word counts for example, one new and original hour long conference presentation with preparation (4+ hrs) equals 5 CPD points; one repeat hour long conference preparation and presentation does not equal CPD points. 

Points in excess of 10 for this category cannot be carried over to the following year. 


How CPD works for training providers

Providers can offer CPD under the guidelines listed above and apply to register their online and F2F training/education events on the YogaNZ website. Training is to be delivered by Level 3 or Level 4 Yoga NZ yoga teacher or someone with the equivalent standing.

The CPD period for providers runs from 01 October to 30 September the following year.

The course can be run as many times as the provider wishes during that period, and each time it will be eligible for CPD points, as long as the provider advises YogaNZ of the dates. Email:

CPD courses, delivered by a YogaNZ registered member will be annotated as such on the YogaNZ website and ranked in date order. Training delivered by others (non-YogaNZ registered members) will be listed below them, and also in date order. 


CPD training provider registration fees

Complete the application online for a fee of $200.00+ GST ($230.00) and register up to 5 courses on the one application.

Payment will be required with submission and your application will only be processed when the payment for your application is confirmed.
You have the option of payment via Credit Card or Direct Transfer. 

Invoices are generated on receipt of payment.


CPD registration fees for YogaNZ members

  • There is a 50% discount on fees for YogaNZ registered members. A discount code to register a course is available. If you do not have the code, please contact us. Email:
  • YogaNZ Level 4 registered members (only) can register 5 CPD courses each year free of charge on the one application if these are delivered by the same YogaNZ Level 4 member. Please contact YogaNZ for your CPD code. Email:


How to apply

If you wish to register as a CPD provider – please click here for the application.