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As part of our relaunch we now have online membership options that include public liability insurance for under $200/year. We also have a new Yoga Council representing the NZ yoga community, for more details on the Yoga New Zealand relaunch read on here.

Here are some free Covid19 resources to support all of our Yoga Whanau

There are many challenges that are universal for all businesses that are providers of physical activity, yoga teachers and studios included, we have been able to draw on valuable support and resources from EXNZ. Yoga New Zealand Members feel free to contact us if you are needing any one-on-one support to help navigate during these challenging times. We are here to help.

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The need to move into lockdown during August reminds us of the strong
links between each of us, not only close family and friends; our students,
peers and teachers; but also, with the wider communities here in NZ and those worldwide.

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Kia Ora Koutou, Winter is often a time to hunker down in the warm, reflect on where we are in our journey,and spend some valuable time with whanau and friends.
In our reflections it is useful, as the whakatauki suggests, to consider the past in order to forge the future and this concept is shared with yoga philosophy.

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Kia ora Koutou, Changes in our weather and the joy of autumn colours often nudge us into re-discovery as part of the new season. Recognition of such change reminds us of the cycle of nature and may deepen our overall knowledge and awareness.

Autumn 2021

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