YogaNZ Events

YogaNZ Events

YogaNZ hosts many events throughout the year, all designed to broaden our member’s knowledge base and foster engagement and participation amongst our community of members.

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Upcoming Events

Yoga Forum, June 24th, 2023

Strategies and Principles for Teaching: Exploring Pedagogy and Yoga

with Neal Ghoshal

Details TBA

Past Events

Below are the events recently held by YogaNZ. Recordings of these events are available to Yoga NZ members, in the member’s area of our website.

Sanga May 4th, 2023

You are the Student, the Teacher, and the Lesson

with Kristina Wischnowsky


Kristina Wischnowsky presents on a common dilemma teachers face, of how to maintain studentship, having also taken the seat of the teacher.

In this Sanga Kristina guides us to explore the concept and attributes of studentship, from the perspective of being the Yoga teacher. We look at the attitude, and seat of the teacher, and understand how we can be of highest service to our students.

Kristina Wischnowsky is an Anusara Inspired and Level 3 YogaNZ teacher. She is co-owner of Yoga to Transform, an online and in-person Yoga studio that offers transformational yoga classes and courses.

Sanga March 16th, 2023

Yoga for Children: A Kaleidoscopic Introduction

With Michaela Sangl


This Sanga presents and explores ways to share yoga with tamariki. Children’s developing bodies and motor skills, cognitive, social and emotional skills all require a yoga that can look quite different to forms of Yoga we are familiar with.

Imagination is a key component, and as such, the possibilities for creative, beneficial yoga are limitless! Michaela‘s Sanga focuses on yoga for children ages 3-9 years. It is largely experiential as she invites you to connect with your inner child and join her in exploring some practical tools. 

Sanga February 16th, 2023

Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers: need to know basis. 

With Dr. Felicity Molloy


In this Sanga we will explore the usefulness of western based anatomical naming in yoga teaching practice. Participants will be asked to engage in the discussion through reflecting on their experience of anatomy while teaching. 

Sanga December 8th, 2022

Offering Accessible, Inclusive, Adaptive Yoga

With Jen Jackson


Jen will present on adaptive ways to make your Yoga offerings more accessible and inclusive – to help bring the joy of Yoga to ALL.

She writes: “The daily struggle is real for many bodies, living in a society where fat phobia, ableism, racism (and more) are so prevalent. Only a certain body type is encouraged, desired and accepted, leading others to believe that their body is wrong if it doesn’t fit this type. This is sadly happening in the Yoga world, when many believe that their body is not ‘right’ for Yoga and simply don’t show up – it’s my mission to invite them in!

I will offer tips on breaking these barriers down through messaging and languaging, and go through a few practical ‘teaching bites’ to demonstrate true Accessible Yoga.

We will share in an enquiry, pondering the oft used (mis)used phrase “Yoga for everybody’ and what this really means.

My hope is that after this Sanga, you will feel more empowered to offer a Yoga space that is safe, shame free, comfortable and attractive for ALL bodies”.

Sanga November 10th, 2022

Yoga & Menopause

With Fi Riley


The majority of women will go through the menopause in their late 40s and early 50s, as their hormones change and then rebalance through the various stages of this transition. Fi was 38 when she was diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) which triggered early menopause. During this time, yoga teacher Fi found that a holistic approach to managing her symptoms helped her to embrace the changes she was facing, including the support and comfort of her regular yoga practice. In this Sanga Fi will be sharing her journey to acceptance, the role yoga played, other holistic practices that can support our bodies through this transition and how training in Menopause Yoga helped her to find a pathway to support other women in their menopause journeys.

Sanga September 29th, 2022

Holism and Yoga

With Dr. Felicity Molloy


“The inescapable longing to be in a state of wellness is an inherent and fundamental influence on the actions any person takes” (Dukes, 2016, p. 1).

In this presentation, we will explore the concept of holism as it relates to wellness dimensions that are often described as the benefits of yoga en-action. Well-being is a term that is often used without too much thought; by drawing out dimensions of wellness such as emotional, intuitive, intellectual, mental, physical, and relational, we discuss how they become the well-being benefits of an enduring yoga practice.

Sanga July 2022

Your Lymphatic System – Insights from a Yoga practice

With Mary Goulter 


The lymphatic system is fundamental to our body’s capacity to heal and maintain health. “Until I had a major branch of my lymph nodes removed as part of my cancer treatment, I had very little awareness of the invisible work of this system, let alone how I could influence it.”

In this session Mary presents what she has learned through her own experience, study, and conversation with experts, about the role of the lymphatic system in the body. She discusses what having a major branch of lymph nodes removed has revealed about its functioning, and how her actions can help (and hinder!) its processes, mostly through a yoga practice. This lecture includes a simple lymphatic drainage practice, with the intention of bringing to life the things discussed.

Yoga New Zealand Forum

The Annual Yoga New Zealand Forum is a two hour event, held in mid-June. It is an opportunity to connect, engage and learn as we work towards building a support system for yoga teachers in Aotearoa.

The 2022 forum’s topic was Yoga in the Workplace. Read all about it in a Yoga Lunchbox article here, and a recording of the event is available in the member resources’s area of our website.

Hauora Yoga Conference

The Hauora Yoga Conference is an educational event where the professional Yoga community in Aotearoa connect, discuss, learn, innovate, and practice together. We gather together once a year to educate and empower our Yoga teachers, inspire our Yoga students, and develop our national Yoga community.

For more information on Hauora, please visit the Hauora conference website.