Mentoring Requirements

“Mentoring” is a modern word that describes an integral part of the tradition of yoga throughout history. It includes the guidance given between teacher and trainee or student, as well as the ongoing professional and personal guidance necessary for all yoga teachers, at all levels of seniority and experience, as part of the continuing journey of yoga.

Although mentoring is not a requirement of ongoing membership of Yoga New Zealand, we recognise the importance of mentoring in yoga and encourage members to become involved in mentoring at all levels of membership, seniority and experience in yoga – both by being a mentor and by being mentored.

Yoga New Zealand strongly recommends that a formal mentoring structure is agreed between the mentor and mentee right from the start of the process, with clear aims, expectations and responsibilities. Good records of all mentoring hours must also be kept. To this end, a sample mentoring agreement is attached which you can modify to suit your situation.

Yoga New Zealand recommends mentoring as part of all yoga teacher training courses; however, it is not a formal requirement for registration of a teacher training course by Yoga New Zealand.

Please find the YogaNZ Mentoring Agreement Form on this link

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Mentoring can be an important part of professional development. For this reason, Yoga New Zealand allows the time spent being mentored to be counted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). However, being a mentor does not earn CPD points as this is similar to time spent teaching. Of course, mentoring records must be kept in order to claim hours of being mentored as CPD. For the purposes of CPD, a mentor can be a Yoga New Zealand registered teacher or another senior teacher who may not be Yoga New Zealand registered.

More information

on mentoring can be found in Yoga New Zealand’s Mentoring Guidelines