Diane Clark-Manley

Diane Clark-Manley

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Registered Yoga Teacher Level 4


Yoga is an holistic approach to improving well-being.


I have always been interested in yoga but it wasn’t until not long after my second daughter was born, in 1997, that I went along to try out a class. I was stressed and suffering back problems. Yoga helped me to release tension and relax by moving my physical body and using breath more efficiently. Basically I was being asked to notice and become aware of myself physically, mentally and emotionally.


In 1994 I had learned to meditate the thinking was that this would be a good skills to have when raising children. However, the meditation itself wasn’t enough. It was only when I added the physicality of the yoga asanas along with breath awareness that my meditation experiences deepened.

I began teaching in 2002 and have accrued over 3000 teaching hours with classes in the community and running individual sessions at my home studio @ Santosha. My specialty area is relaxation and the use of simple tools to de-stress and let go. More recently my interests have expanded to allow my yoga to become more accessible especislly to older students and those with disabilities. I have been associated with the Wgtn MS Society since 2014 abd have been teaching a weekly chair yoga classes for this dedicated group of student.



2005 International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) NZ Teaching Diploma – With Distinction (777hr)

2008 Prenatal Yoga (30 hr)

2018 Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga (125 hr)

2019 Chair Yoga (50 hr)

2019 Rewind Gold – Yoga for Successful Aging (20hr)


Teaching Locations – North Wellington:

Churton Park Community Centre

Newlands Community Centre

@Santosha Yoga Studio

Available also for Pirvate Tuiton and Online via Zoom

Facebook: @Santosha

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