Nisha Kumar Joon

Nisha Kumar Joon

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Yoga New Zealand – Registered Yoga Teacher Level 4

Based : Northland Whangarei



Quote The beauty of yoga is the meeting of the brain with the body. When you are attentive, concentrated, feel what you are doing, there is energy. The binding of the two becomes great  energy which gives the body freedom and makes the mind supple – Vanda Scaravelli 

Bio :

I take a multi dimensional approach to facilitate a healthy nervous system and spinal strength. I am trained in a number of healing modalities, am an author of a children’s yoga series,  a trauma-informed facilitator, with an osteopathic background(BSc), a Human Nutritionist(MSc)  Certified Intuitive, & Ayurvedic Wellbeing consultant.

My wholeness approach is a re-awakening and an upgrade at the individual level. My three-pillar approach combines the essence of love, intuition, and intellect for greater harmony between the physical and the spiritual, the body and the mind for lasting connection and embodiment of samadhi.

My work is in transforming lives, whether the realm is the emotions, caring for the physical body, or connecting to a higher consciousness for greater clarity & confidence.  Through the richness of the non-dual and dual ancient spiritual practices the breath, balance of the autonomic nervous system, and the softer, finer vibrations of life the yogic goal is uncompromised to support the healing within.


RYS 500 Yoga Alliance India

RYS200 British Wheel of yoga

RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Australia

BSc Osteopahty Human Science

MSc Human Nutrition

Vedic Consultant



2013 Hi Nisha I get such a lot of our yoga sessions. Many blessings for the work you do. I am so looking foreward to our next session. Much love

2014 -Nisha is such an inspirational, gentle and knowledgable yoga teacher. Hilary

2015– Dear Nisha Thank you so much for the opportunity to do yoga with you. I can’t wait to come along to classes. Yesterday’s class was an amazing session with you.  My heart knows that my life is about to become fulfilling and full of fun.

2016-I am 52 years old New Zealander (Male ) and In April 2015 I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this condition was treated with the standard treatment – Surgery to remove the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes and Chemotherapy, I was in partial remission for about one year unfortunately in February 2017 my 6 monthly CT scan indicated the Cancer had Metastasized to the liver stage 4 (Lymph Nodes involved) 

After careful deliberation I decided that I would seek traditional natural holistic methods of healing, as the standard treatment had not worked and I believe I needed to treat the cause not the symptoms.  During my extensive search both locally and internationally to find a health Practioner to support, guide and most importantly help me manage the emotional and mental aspect of my Diagnoses, which I was struggling to accept I was extremely fortunate to have found Nisha Kumar Joon. 

Nisha and I have been working together for about 5 months during this period I have found Nisha to possess a quiet, gentle, caring, demeanor. Nisha slowly introduced practical tools into my busy schedule to allow me to heal and manage my condition.

Patience, understanding, compassion, integrity, confidentiality, open to my suggestions and the ability to listen to my needs are all values I believe a health Practioner should possess – Nisha posses them all. During our time together I have learnt so much about how powerful the mind and body is in my recovery I have also learnt how to manage the pain through Nisha’s techniques. 

During my fortnightly therapies I also attended Nisha Yoga and meditation classes, which have helped me, relax, digest my food and sleep better at night. 

The Quality of her work is quite frankly exceptional. I have no hesitation in  strongly recommending Nisha to other clients especially but not limited to those diagnoised with a serious ailment such as Cancer because she really listen to your needs not based on a theory but due to to all our unique bioindividuality. MM52

2017 – Thank you for creating this amazing resource

My kids and I have been journeying with Yoga Ora at home for a while now.. we just love the characters and what they represent.. they really connect with each character because of the uniqueness and also familiarity that the characters bring..

Like Pitu and the sun… Pitu being a dragon… Sruti and water element… and they know she lives in the water. And that sruti loves sensitivity and expressing feelings… it’s those simple things that help them learn the deeper meaning of these resources.. and connect with the elements with in themselves…

I’m so happy to have Yoga ora in our lives.. it’s bought us a lot of fun and learning.. looking forward to journeying further with Nisha and our yoga ora whanau

Thank you yoga ora whanau 🙏

2018- Hello Dear Nisha,

I wanted to tell you that I have been feeling amazing in the last few weeks, something has changed in me. I feel more in my body and much more confident about life and myself. Everything is more clear about what I what to do in life, especially professionally. I am so happy and excited to tell you about it.

Warm hugs

2018 – For the past three weeks my 4year daughter and I have been doing preschooler Yoga with Nisha. It has been wonderful exploring the elements and practicing yoga together. Nisha brings a beautiful energy to our sessions and meets the mums and the little ones where they are at each day. I highly recommend it. Yoga for everyone is fantastic and it’s such a gift to share from such a young age

2019– Nisha just letting you know since I have been coming to your yoga classes I understand what it is to be present. I have never experienced this before with anyone else thankyou soooo very much.

2019 After practicing lots of different yoga classes all around the globus, this class at YogaOra inpsires you to find out more.

Nisha is a wonderful teacher that leads you through all the energetic vibes, that grow through you with a combination of a full body stretch.

You walk out as a Warrior, walking in heaven.

Thank you so much for this experience, Nisha.♡

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