Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses

To make it easy to find courses and workshops offered by YogaNZ members, we are now inviting our members to list their courses here.

For information on the Sangas, and other YogaNZ events, please see YogaNZ events. Please click here to see all Registered YogaNZ Teacher Training courses.

We want to make finding continued professional development (CPD) easy and accessible for all of our YogaNZ members – all of the courses and workshops offered by level 3 and 4 YogaNZ teachers will gain you 1 CPD per hour.

If you are a YogaNZ member, and you want to list your event or course here, please write to us at

YogaNZ Members’ Workshops & Courses


Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, 85 hours – with Barbara Coley

See full details and registration information here

This 85-hour teacher training programme provides Yoga teachers a holistic understanding of how to assist expectant māmās throughout their journey to motherhood and beyond, using the tools of Yoga. The aim of this training is to promote the safe teaching of Yoga during all stages of pregnancy, and nourish trainees as they gain confidence in developing their highly individual approach to teaching. The specialised knowledge contained in this program is comprehensive in practice and theory, giving graduates a profound understanding of how to adapt yoga practices to suit pre-conception, pregnancy, birthing and post-natal phases. Just as importantly, participants will learn how to help their students draw upon their inner resources and approach this time with confidence, empowerment and grace.
This programme approaches pregnancy Yoga teaching holistically, and Yoga teachers will develop practical skills and the confidence to teach our māmās to be with awareness and sensitivity. 

  • 26th – 29th May 2023 & 23rd – 26th June 2023, 8.30am – 5.30pm daily
  • Auckland

Participants will receive 20 CPD points, and a certificate of completion.

The Art and Science of Rest, 100-hour advanced teacher training – with Dr. Jane Hardcastle

See full details and registration information here

In this training we gather both ancient wisdom and the most up-to-date knowledge on rest and wholehearted living in an attempt or an invitation, to ‘drink from a deeper well’ (David Whyte).

The Art & Science of Rest is a 100hr training course for existing yoga teachers that focuses on knowledge and practice. Created by Awakening Arts director & faculty Juliette McConachy, and Dr. Jane Hardcastle, the training features experiential learning, embodiment practices and the richness of a group body to learn, and regulate with. We intend this training to be a place of renewal into a sustaining sense of grounded, supported being, so that you leave satiated with rest in a wholehearted and genuine way. We also provide you with a manual and your notebooks full of knowledge, new tools and skills to share, along with a body – your body, resourced and resonating rest – and that might well be our most useful/powerful tool/skill/wisdom of all.
Topics of exploration for this training are:
– Breath dynamics, the intricacies of relationships between breath, neurochemical, neuroendocrine & neuropsychological systems. 
– Nervous systems, their complexity and interplay
– Poly vagal theory in action, adaptive responses and therapeutic practices
– Digestion, how rest vs active states affect our digestion and assimilation of food, life, environment, and emotions
– Brain wave states
– Balancing negativity bias
– Yoga Nidra
– Authentic movement /processing
– daily practice of self regulation and authentic expression.
– Terra Soma™ yoga, daily morning practice of somatic inquiry through asana, free movement, pranayama, mantra and seated meditation.
– Terra Soma™ dance, dance as process /entrance to the waking dream
– Accessing deep psyche through sound and story
– The healing power of song … And a bounty more in relationship with fellow students and the spontaneity of what is alive moment to moment in the room as we grow together.

  • Golden bay, Shambhala eco retreat
  • 29 April 15:00 – 7 MAY  10:00

Participants will receive 20 CPD points and a certificate of completion.

Anatomy & Phisiology for Yoga Teachers – with Dr. Felicity Molloy

See full details and registration information here

Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers is for new and experienced yoga teachers or bodyworkers in any modality. This is an affordable series of well-resourced online and face-to-face sessions, designed to enhance practice-based knowledge. The course is pitched at 200 hours+ teacher training, or to fulfil the substantial requirements of Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training. Students may have at least some prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The six interactive online sessions, and three practical hands-on workshops encourage a broad range of learning styles and experiences, with an assessment available on request. Participants already experienced in A&P may enroll in the practical workshops without having attended the online courses – please email to determine whether this option is appropriate for you. 

  • March 29th – May 3rd 2023, Wednesdays 7.00-9pm online
  • Sundays 2.00-4.00pm  (3 sessions, dates and venue TBC)
  • Assessment (optional) open book, March 30th – April 6th 2023

Participants will receive 18 CPD points, and a certificate of completion.

For more information, and to register, please email

Prana shakti: the vital force – with Radhe

See full details and registration information here

This morning workshop is the more stimulating/dynamic one of the two sessions on the day, with more asanas and pranayama, mudra and bandha practices to increase the prana. It will also include some Yoga nidra to aid assimilation, relaxation and internalization. These workshops are both in-person in Whangarei, and also available live via zoom. 

  • Saturday 25 March, 2023, 10am – 1pm.

Relaxation and Meditation on the Chakras – with Radhe

See full details and registration information here

The afternoon session in my day of 2 mini-workshops has a chakra focus. The deep relaxation will be a long yoga nidra. Any postures and pranayama are gentle. These workshops are both in-person in Whangarei, and also available live via zoom. 

  • Saturday 25 March, 2023, 1.30 – 4.30pm. 

Teaching Children’s Yoga: Storybook Yoga PD – with Michaela Sangl

See full details and registration information here

A brilliant way to dive into the world of Children’s Yoga and begin your journey into the endless imaginative possibilities it offers! Join Yogi Kids PD director Michaela Sangl for an invaluable intensive training day exploring Story Yoga and mindfulness tools to inspire and empower our tamariki. Ideal for yoga teachers and practitioners wishing to share yoga with ages 3-6+ years.

  • Saturday 11 March, 2023, Auckland (9:30-4:30)

Participants will receive 6 CPD points, and a certificate of completion.

Children to Teens 50hr Teacher Training Certification – with Michaela Sangl

See full details and registration information here

This comprehensive 50-hour certification programme will prepare you to teach Children’s Yoga skillfully and creatively, in your own authentic way, whilst having loads of fun!

  • Auckland, 15-20 April 2023

Participants will receive 20 CPD points, and a certificate of completion.

Yoga to Transform Back Pain – with Kristina Wischnowsky

See full details and registration information here

If you want to enjoy living life more fully, unencumbered by back pain, this course is designed for you. This 28-day course offers yoga therapeutics for people experiencing back pain, to support you through the process of creating new habits and slowly undoing some of the experiences of your lifetime that created your back pain today. You will be guided to create and embed habits to reduce your current pain, to live pain-free and to support the prevention of back pain from recurring in your life.

  • This course is online and self-paced, starting any time.

Anusara Yoga Foundations Course – with Kristina Wischnowsky

See full details and registration information here

Learn the Foundations of Anusara Yoga’s ® universal principles of alignment (UPA) – in 75 minute classes focused on each UPA to enable workshop style breakdown and practice.
In an Anusara yoga class, students learn how to properly align and place the body, as well as develop strength, vitality and a clearer understanding of how the body works in order to master life’s challenges. 

This Anusara Inspired Yoga Practice uses the Anusara method to dive deep into life-affirming philosophy, safe physical alignment, allowing you to experience yoga poses with more ease. Over the six-week foundations course we will explore Anusara Yoga’s five universal principles of alignment – these help you to put your body in a way that is most supportive for you:
* Week one – Set the Foundation – Choose your intention, attitude, and focus
* Week two – Open to Grace – Surrender and connect to the flow of the universe
* Week three – Muscle Energy – Empower yourself
* Week four – Inner Spiral – Turn inwards
* Week five – Outer Spiral – Refine your actions for best experience
* Week six – Organic Extension – Radiate your authentic self into the world

  • Christchurch, Sundays 22/1 – 26/2 9.30-10.45am

Other Useful Courses


First Aid Courses

Keeping a current First Aid certificate is a requirement of membership with YogaNZ. You can do this through any course provider you choose to, but please ensure that NZQA units 6401 and 6402 are included in your course. Please note, your first aid education is essential and is not included towards your CPD points.

Both St John NZ and NZ Red Cross frequently run courses which meet these requirements.

REPs CPD Courses

As part of your YogaNZ Membership you also have access to the courses recognised by NZ REPs.

Visit the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals website for a compressive list of courses that span a wide range of exercise related topics.